Plans for Future Are Made At Annual Meeting of Club

At the annual meeting held Saturday night at the Mountain View Ranch hotel the Santa Cruz Yacht Club elected Goodwin Hammer commodore for the coming year, to succeed Frank Wilson who has just completed a successful term.

Other officers elected included: vice-commode, George Stanley Tait, Jr.; rear-commodore, Lino Niccoli; secretary – treasurer, Thomas Fynes, and out captain, Ed Brickey. The new directors for the coming year will be Robert L. Cardiff and Lloyd Bowman.

Plans for the purchase of a large boat for the use of the club members are going ahead, more than $800 being in the fund for the purpose.

Preliminary plans for the big regatta over next Labor Day are already being laid, while a committee has been appointed to promote the obstruction of a yacht harbor here.

Goodwin Hammer chosen as 1933 Yacht Club Commodore