Spray-drenched Suzanne Marie Reamo obvious enjoyed the exhilarating regatta opening of the 32nd annual Miss California pageant on Monterey Bay yesterday. In the upper photo, the reigning Miss California watches in delight as a crewman on the 68-foot schooner Tamarit races forward to assist in a change of sails. In lower photo, skipper Don McCormick accepts a regal assist from the La Mesa beauty as the Tamarit finished third in non-corrected time (see sports page). Aboard the handsome schooner were Suzanne’s parents and a Miss California party of close to 20 persons, including Leo E. Lamourex of Santa Rosa, representing California Pepsi-Cola Bottlers; Mason Mallory of San Francisco, Western Airlines; and Bob Winters of Santa Cruz, Buick motor division – three major pageant sponsors. Small craft in upper photo is Blue Chip, out of Elkhorn Yacht Club.