Harbor Open

March 23, 2011Club News, Corinthians

Great news! After twelve days of being mostly shut down the entire harbor is now open again.  NOAA conducted a sonar survey earlier this week and did not see any major obstructions.  There are, however, a few existing navigation hazards which have been marked with buoys.

Santa Cruz Relief Fund

March 16, 2011Club News, Corinthians

Unfortunately the USCG will not let us get our hands dirty, but there is another way to help.  Bay Federal Credit Union has set up a fund to provide aid to local residents who were displaced when their boat residences were damaged by the tsunami surges.  Donations of cash or checks (made payable to “BFCU … Read More

First Wednesday Night BBQ

March 14, 2011Club News, Corinthians

Unfortunately due to the tsunami last week the harbor will not be open for the first Wednesday Night Race, but the BBQ is still a go! Come down to the yacht club on 3/16 and get your grill on.

In Our Thoughts

March 11, 2011Club News, Corinthians

Our thoughts are with those who have suffered damage and loss in the harbor today as well as with those in Japan, Hawaii and other regions of the pacific. The Corinthians will be there to help pick up the pieces as we are able.