Come To SCYC For a Cupdate

February 23, 2012Classes & Seminars

Wednesday Winter Sailing Seminar On February 29th Tom Ehman, Golden Gate YC’s Vice Commodore and a 32-year AC veteran, will present one of his popular “Cupdate” shows with slides and video from recent events and a preview of the upcoming 18 months leading to the Finals for the 34th edition of the oldest trophy in … Read More

Love Letter To Sailing

February 14, 2012Corinthians

Article from Blue Planet Times Kimball Livingston | FEBRUARY 13, 2012 It’s such a common phrase, such a common feeling, that we take it for granted. The romance of the sea. Even those who dwell far from the sea are not immune to it. Red sails in the sunset. The very notion of sailing away to … Read More

Winter Laser Races: A Lesson In Chivalry & Surfing

February 13, 2012Corinthians

Sunday was the second to last Winter Laser Race of the season. With 10 entrants, it was a great turn out.  Winds were fantastic towards the later half of the day allowing the course to eventually be lengthened. Evan Diola and Nick Degnan proved that you can be both a sailor and a gentleman. Evan (pictured … Read More

Beating Da Boyz

February 10, 2012Classes & Seminars

On February 15th Kristen Lane will describe what it has taken to win big as one of the only women racing at an international level. Placing 5th in the Melges-24 2011 World Championship, Kristen became the first woman to ever win a race in this highly competitive professional dominated class.  She crushed the 2011 29erXX … Read More

New Kid In Town

February 8, 2012Corinthians

Firefighting boat to launch in Santa Cruz in March by Stephen Baxter | 02/08/2012 01:30:24 AM PST SANTA CRUZ — A former U.S. Coast Guard boat that arrived in Santa Cruz on Monday will help Santa Cruz firefighters attack fires, clean up hazardous materials spills and hasten evacuations at the wharf during a fire. The … Read More

Winter Laser Races

February 7, 2012Corinthians

The second to last Winter Laser Race is this Sunday, February 12.  Competitors meeting will be at 11a with the first gun at 12p. Spread the word, this is not limited to Corinthians. Each race day is a stand alone event and not part of a series. There will be a new NOR and registration for each race. Trophies … Read More

I’ll Huff And I’ll Puff…

February 6, 2012Club News, Corinthians

The weather could not have been better this weekend for barbequing and watching the Super Bowl.  That is all changing today as rain coming in from the West is due to hit Santa Cruz county later tonight.  Big winds will be leading the way, with a high wind advisory in effect from 10pm tonight until … Read More

Sailing in Far Away Places, A Few Experiences

February 3, 2012Classes & Seminars

Join us at SCYC on February 8th for our Wednesday Winter Sailing Seminar on Sailing in Far Away Places. Beau, our new regatta chair, found two cruising couples to join him in his adventures.  A past winner of the LAYC Blue Water Cruising Trophy and the Memorable Passage Award, Beau has organized with Don, Katie, Joe … Read More

Intensive Keelboat Racing Workshops

February 2, 2012Classes & Seminars

The Corinthian Program is developing a series of Intensive Keelboat Racing Workshops to train new and intermediate sailors how to race on keelboats. Each month a class of boats will take out Corinthians and provide in depth training on the Sundays of April 15, May 6, June 3, July 15 and August 12.  The first … Read More

Corinthian Potluck

February 1, 2012Corinthians

Ric Diola purchased 5 gallons of Red IPA at the Corinthian Fundraiser, brewed by Mac & Lauren. The beer is finally ready and Ric would like to celebrate and enjoy the brew with all of the Corinthians (feel free to invite a guest). Please bring a dish of your choice, a barbecue will be available … Read More