SC27-race-001For those who were there, there is an understanding of what was happening in Santa Cruz in the 1970’s and 80’s for boat building. The rest of the world might be unaware of the boat building revolution that was happening here, but boat owners worldwide are still benefiting today from their experiments.

The boat builders and designers of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Yacht Club invite you to come participate in a “Made in Santa Cruz” (MISC) spring regatta. The MISC regatta features any boat built within Santa Cruz County or built utilizing molds and forms constructed within Santa Cruz County, and includes Moore 24 and Santa Cruz 27 nationals, a “Wood is Good” day, the famous 67 mile San Francisco to Santa Cruz Windjammer race, and big boat ORR/PHRF racing, and more!

Many owners have done an exceptional job, updating and/or restoring their “made in Santa Cruz” boats and we will include a concours d’elegance for participating classes which will culminate in a “best in show”.

Along with the racing there will be many social events so don’t miss it. If your fleet is not scheduled, please contact us right away. Because we are expecting a large turnout, logistics are important and the sooner we know who is coming the better. Please let us know as soon as possible.
For more information, please visit the Made in Santa Cruz Race Week website