SANTA CRUZ — More than 30 motor, sail and rowboats participated in the 28th annual Lighted Boat Parade at Santa Cruz Harbor Saturday.

Accompanied by live music and surrounded by Christmas lights, boats circled the harbor, cheered on by hundreds of onlookers. The parade, whose theme was “Holiday Circle of Light”, was organized by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club and the port authority.

“This whole parade, year after year, is the Christmas card from the harbor community to the community of Santa Cruz,” said Tom Dexel, parade director.

A panel of judges, who included Santa Cruz Mayor Lynn Robinson, awarded boat captains for their creative decorations.

The “Celtic Lady,” captained by Mike Dunlap was named Best in Parade at Saturday’s annual Lighted Boat Parade.

Best of theme winner was “Namequoit” captained by Andrew Gere.

Other winners included:

Best music was “Rick’s Place,” captained by Bob Comstock.

In the power boat, 27 feet and longer category, first place was “Onward” captained by Barry Whittall, second place “Moe-Bart” captained by Richard Bartlett and third place “Rumba” captained by Tim Pendley.

In the power boat, less than 27 feet category, first place was “The Wild Hook” captained by Scott Miser.

Sail boat first place was “Suivez Moi” captained by Rachel Hofmann, second place “Scarlet Begonias” captained by Lenny Hewitt and third place “Camelot” captained by Beat Naef.

People-powered boats, such as outrigger or kayak, first place was “S.S. Minnow” captained by Julia Kinsf, second place “Outrigger Santa Cruz” captained by Ruth Romero and third place “Who would have thought” captained by Danielle Walker.

Stationary boat first place was “Entire U Dock” captained by Glen Livingston and second place was “Magic” captained by Magdelena Naef.

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