North U. Fast Course

February 28, 2014Books & Resources Download the North U. Fast Course [PDF 11.5MB] Guide to sail trimming, rig tuning, and crew work.

Lines & Knots & Rigging Of All Sorts

February 26, 2014Classes & Seminars, Club Features, WISS

Matthew Coale generously spoke on the subtleties of nautical lines, line handling, and knots. Matthew took us through the world of polyester and explored the slippery UV tolerant Spectra, the durable Dacron, and the joys of high-angle double weave sheathing. His in depth look at both structure and function of many widely available products even … Read More

Escaping Chicago

February 26, 2014Club Features, Cruising

I am surprised downtown Chicago is so beautiful. But like Baltimore you go a few blocks outside of the “downtown” and you find a soft, seedy, underbelly of bloodstained, chalk body markings. Riding the “L” as it is called, the metro, into town from the airport can’t be easier, but you don’t want to get off too early. … Read More

February Wine Tasting

February 20, 2014Club Features, Social Sailing & Club Events

We had another great wine tasting this week! The winner was Jan Olivieri with their Plymouth Court wine. Second place was Tyler Karaszewski with a 2011 Robert Hall. And, first place in the runner up category was a 2012 Mont Pellier brought by Mary Jane Slade.

February Midwinters

February 15, 2014Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

With race-day winds delivered from every compass point, the most excitement of the February midwinters was the late-day hoist wrangling. The competition was fierce. Dozens of boats queued along the hoist-dock, their trailers at the ready as each wrangler gripped the dock lines and took hold of 4000 pounds of flying fiberglass moving at just one speed, forward.  … Read More

LiveLine for The Common Man & Rating Systems of the North America

February 13, 2014Classes & Seminars, Club Features, WISS

This Wednesday we enjoyed a double header seminar exploring the the possibility of implementing a consumer grade America’s Cup LiveLine system with GPS engineer Frank vanDiggelen and the wide-world of rating systems, including PHRF, with boat builder Bill Lee. Frank explored the finer points of the 32 geo-synchronous satellites and the plethora of receivers, sensors, and software that … Read More

Corinthian BOD Planning Retreat

February 10, 2014Corinthians

Lovely calm provided the ideal environment for focus and collaboration. Good thing it was raining, else we may have had to do our meeting on the slopes.. or was it? Seems like we found excuses to get outside anyway.