A Farewell To May Wednesday

May 29, 2014Club Features, Social Sailing & Club Events

After an initial rounding of Government & the attached USCGC Hawksbill, moderate breeze seduced the fleet to Soquel where the outside transition paralyzed crews while teeing up inside boats for the slow-boat show-down. One by one, a ginger Easterly breeze pulled racers around Soquel and back toward Government before a persuasive Northerly intercepted those interested in attempting the … Read More

May Spring SCORE

May 26, 2014Club Features, Regattas, S.C.O.R.E.

May’s SCORE race had a great start in a building Westerly out to Natural Bridges. Early boats to the mark had 15 knots while later boats saw the boon of 15-18. Sadly, as the A-Fleet finished their first race and started a second, the B-Fleet, on the last leg of their first race saw the … Read More

5O5 North American Championship – Day 4: Race 9

May 25, 2014Club Features, Regattas

Congratulations to the 5O5 North American Fleet & all 5O5 North American Championship competitors. The First Place Finisher for Day 4 was #9115 Mike Holt The 2014 5O5 North American Champion is: #9080 Howard Hamlin of NHYC   Complete 5O5 North American Championship Results News Coverage TBA Photos Took Photos of the event? Let us know! Professional … Read More

5O5 North American Championship – Day 3: Races 6, 7, 8

May 24, 2014Club Features, Regattas

Saturday’s races started inside with a light wind warm-up, but were quickly modified for outside sailing where winds were reported by competitors to be a comfortable three-zero at the windward mark. Attrition started early and never seemed to slow, however a few industrious competitors seen limping away in ruin made quick repairs and were able to start … Read More

5O5 North American Championship – Day 2: Races 4, 5

May 24, 2014Club Features, Regattas

The second day of racing opened up the fleet to the realism of Santa Cruz wind conditions. After an hour postponement due to a significant lack of wind on the course, racers disembarked to find an enthusiastically building westerly. After the race leaders showed the upwind to be about 12 minutes long, it was clear … Read More


May 23, 2014Catalinas, SCYC Fleet News

By Barry Keeler TUESDAY MAY 20, 2014 MAY THE WIND BE WITH YOU! As Tuesday approaches, I think all of us are watching and wondering: How much wind will there be this Tuesday. I certainly saw that it was extremely windy on Monday evening and was relieved that it appeared to be less windy on … Read More

5O5 North American Championship – Day 1: Races 1, 2, 3

May 22, 2014Club Features, Regattas

Today’s races showed a great start to the series, albeit a bit underpowered. Race day leaders managed their boats with precision, looking for pressure, and dancing about the course. With only a few minor casualties, we look forward to seeing everyone on the course tomorrow. First Place Finishers for Day 1 are #9080 – Howard Hamlin & … Read More

5O5 North American Championship – Day 0, Practice

May 21, 2014Club Features, Regattas

The 5O5 North American Championship enjoyed good wind for their Wednesday practice race. 20+ boats lined up for the 2:30 rabbit start and the first boat made the windward mark in just under fifteen minutes followed by a downwind run in less than ten. Tomorrow we host more than forty boats in our breezy surf … Read More

Cruising Club Newsletter – for June

May 20, 2014Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members! The cruising group celebrated the beautiful weather and each other with a C dock gathering on May 3, 2013, hosted by Vance Landis-Carey, Robert Carey, Bob Mattson (Diver Down) and Steve Smarden (Reachable Star Too).  Vice Commodore Don Conant dropped by and a number of racers did, too, making this … Read More

May One Design

May 19, 2014Club Features, One Design, Regattas

Santatana 22s and Santa Cruz 27s lined up Saturday for some fresh air as westerly winds danced round the high-teens and plagued the skipper’s sail choice. Races were competitive, starts were aggressive and the differences defining control were tenuous. Slowly, the inside shutdown and eventually the windward mark lost it’s chaotic charm. By the third race, winds … Read More

May Laser Regatta

May 17, 2014Club Features, Corinthians, Regattas

Twelve boats, split even between radial and full rigs, showed up for three races in the challenging & mentally exhausting 3 knot Easterly. The finishers demonstrated remarkable patience while the first place finishers put on a clinic for all, including the throngs of onlookers from Onward & the viewing boat, Sagittarius. First Places: Laser Full Rig: Evan … Read More

Heat-Wave Wednesday

May 15, 2014Club Features, Social Sailing & Club Events

With temperatures reaching 100˚F this week, Wednesday’s volunteer count for the man over drill wasn’t surprising. A strong Westerly greeted the evening, as a few 5o5s (& other dinghies) geared up for next week, and the remainder of Santa Cruz embarked on a search for cool wind to fill their sails. Spectacular low altitude thermoclines across the bay dazzled the crowds as … Read More

Junior Boat Christening

May 14, 2014Club Features, Juniors

Saturday’s highpoint to the Junior year-end celebration was the Christening of three new safety boats.  From left, Jack’s II, Georges’, and Randy’s! A million thanks to the SCYC Board and Members, the Santa Cruz Sailing Foundation, and the Repass and Cook families for making this possible!  These three will join Ruby, the Scholastic Program inflatable, at … Read More

May Team Racing

May 11, 2014Regattas, Santana 22, SCYC Fleet News

Hi All, There was quite a lively discussion on the shifty conditions of today’s racing. For those that are interested in way too much information of the formation of the easterly and other local wind effects see the below two links: http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/MWR2885.1 http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/MWR2979.1 And if those aren’t enough: Qingfang Jiang. (2012) A Linear Theory of … Read More

SCYC Junior Member Attends CISA Clinic

May 9, 201429'ers, Juniors

Junior Michael Pacholski attended the CISA clinic at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in April.  The clinic is an advanced racing clinic with the countries best coaches and it is a proving ground for Olympic development sailing.  It is an application only clinic and they are looking for active racing teams in the 29ers, Laser Radial, … Read More


May 9, 2014Catalinas, SCYC Fleet News

By Barry Keeler Tuesday May 6, 2014 Another one of those blustery spring days in Santa Cruz. With anticipation, I watched how windy it was all day long and this evening would not disappoint! I had a request from another boat earlier in the day for extra crew, so I took one of my crew … Read More

Wednesday de Mayo

May 8, 2014Club Features, Social Sailing & Club Events

Wednesday de Mayo was a wild party-ride for many on the Easterl-Nor.Easterl-Norther-Nor.Wester blow-0-rama! (if I can use such language without reprisal) Boats came out of the harbor smoking fast and generally unbounded until the first casualties of high-wind puffs headed back to the harbor, flying the split white flag of surrender off their mast. Even still, … Read More

Blessing of the Fleets

May 6, 2014Old Events & Announcments

  Fleet Blessing   The Blessing of the Fleet is a ceremony that began in Greece centuries ago. Today it is practiced around the world in coastal waters to keep ships and crew safe at sea.   This year, our harbor community will revive this ancient nautical tradition while celebrating our 50-year anniversary. Local clergy … Read More