1.1The name of this organization shall be the Monterey Bay Performance Handicap Racing Fleet.


2.1It shall be the prime objective of this organization to promote the sport of handicap yacht racing for the exclusive enjoyment of its members.

2.2It shall also be the objective of this organization to establish and maintain an equitable system of handicaps for yachts owned or chartered by members.


3.1Membership will consist of, but not limited to, members of Santa Cruz, Elkhorn, and Monterey Peninsula Yacht Clubs.

Membership is also available to others who are members in good standing of yacht clubs/ organizations recognized by US SAILING and sail/berth their vessels in the Monterey Bay area.  


4.1 Headquarters for the organization shall be located in the greater Monterey Bay, California area.  Its boundaries shall extend for a radius of approximately 50 miles and it shall be known as the Monterey Bay PHRF.


5.1 The elective officers shall consist of a Chairman and SecretaryTreasurer. In addition to performing the duties normally associated with such offices, they shall perform other duties described in other sections of these bylaws. There shall be a committee of handicappers appointed by the  member yacht clubs. The committee shall be responsible for organizing and administering the system of handicaps.


6.1The PHRF Committee shall consist of appointees designated by each member club.

6.2The number of appointees shall correspond to the rating participation generating three (3) members each from Santa Cruz and Monterey Peninsula Yacht Clubs and two (2) members from Elkhorn Yacht Club. 

6.3The total committee shall number eight (8) members and will select a chairman and secretarytreasurer from its own ranks. All committee members are to be considered handicappers.


7.1Fees shall be used for administrative functions of the organization and part shall be used for the computer program. The proportion of each shall be determined by the committee, based on actual costs.


8.1In the event of the resignation of one of the members, a replacement shall be selected by the parent club of that member.


9.1The committee will meet in the Fall of each year to seat new appointees, choose a chairman and secretarytreasurer, and update the basic refer­ence sheet for Spring publication.

9.2The committee will closely monitor all Monterey bay area spring racing so as to provide a revised refer­ence listing, if necessary, for publication.

The committee will meet at least two times per year and additionally as considered necessary in the judgment of the chairman.

The committee may discuss new ratings or adjustments via email or teleconferencing throughout the year.


10.1Four members present at the meeting shall consti­tute a quorum.


11.1These bylaws may be amended or a new bylaw made by a twothirds vote of the committee members present and voting at any regular meeting provided the proposed amendments or new bylaw be stated in full in the notice of the meeting.


12.1The committee shall maintain a list of handicaps for yachts rated by the handicappers. Handicaps shall be assigned to yachts by the handicapper from the member’s yacht club. A member belonging to more than one club shall designate the yacht club under which he asks to be rated. The handi­caps issued shall be based primarily on the past performance of the yachts.

12.2A handicap shall be assigned to a yacht not previously rated by using any formula the handicapper deems appropriate including the measurements of the yacht as submitted by the applicant and such other data obtained by observation or investigation of the performance of the yacht or comparable yachts as the handicapper may find appropriate. 

12.3A new owner or charterer applying for a handicap on a yacht with a previously established handicap shall be assigned the handicap of the yacht if still current.  If the rating is no longer current the handicapper shall assign a revised handicap using the data available to him.

12.4The committee shall provide criteria for the eligibility of yachts for handicaps. Such criteria shall include the 

requirement that the boats be singlehulled and selfrighting and may include minimum requirements on size and ability. In applying such criteria a handicapper may reject any yacht he considers not eligible, subject to an appeal to the committee.  

12.4.1 The following criteria for the Eligibility of yachts for 

handicaps are established:

1.Boats shall be singlehulled, selfrighting, fit for sea and a minimum of 20 feet in

hull length.

2.No boat shall be rated with any person having the majority of his body out board the weather rail. 

3.The member must notify PHRF of any rig or sail area change in order to retain a valid handicap.

12.5The handicappers shall resolve grievances of mem­bers regarding the handicap of any yacht.  If the grievance is not resolved initially by the handi­capper assigned, the member may appeal to the committee and the decision of the committee shall be final and binding. A member shall present an appeal in wri­ting and submit evidence regarding the perfor­mance of the yacht in competition to the committee.

12.6A member may obtain a handicap for more than one yacht during the year, but such handicap shall be valid only while the boat is under his owner­ship or while in his management if chartered.


13.1Any question not covered by these bylaws, or by rules adopted by the officers, or by the board of handicappers, shall be resolved in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order Revised.


14.1The PHRF committee shall endeavor to promote the racing of handicap yachts over both closed and distance courses and are authorized to provide assistance and information to yacht clubs and their race committees for this purpose.

14.2In furtherance of this objective, the committee may provide for research on the performance of cruising yachts, the evaluation of their perfor­mance, the management of handicap racing, and shall encourage the development and use of uni­form methods of computing and reporting race results.

14.3The committee shall stimulate the improvement of methods of notifying members of handicap racing events, and may supply names and addresses of members to the race committees of yacht clubs or associations sponsoring racing events.


15.1There shall be no term limits for committee members and officers.

15.2The committee will rely upon member yacht clubs to insure that its policy of “a gradual rotation of handi-cappers” is implemented.

Download the Monterey Bay PHRF Policies & Bylaws (2014) PDF

PHRF Monterey Bay Policies Bylaws 2014-08