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Tuesday August 5, 2014

And yet another Tuesday night with perfect sailing conditions. This night, we had between 15 to 20 knots of wind out of the northwest. When Pair A Dice came out of the harbor, there were already 5 boats out and chatter from other boats in the harbor on their way out. We decided on Course one: Start to Wharf, Mile, Blacks and Finish with a start time of 6:20.

We timed the start with Pacific Spirit just ahead of us just leeward of us and Diver Down coming up hot on our heels. As we all headed out on starboard tack, Diver Down passed us to leeward and Pacific Spirit was leading the pack. As we were sailing out into more wind and we had our 155 jib on, we decided to tack back over to the inside. We sailed all the way in to the layline for Wharf, as the other boats stayed outside in more wind. This was our error as we sailed further inside with less wind trying to make the layline. One thing we learned a long time ago, but obviously have not learned well enough, always sail to where the wind is! Pacific Spirit rounded wharf just ahead of Diver Down and we followed with Perfect 36 following close behind us.

The same order was followed around Mile with Perfect 36 closing the gap and rounding immediately after we did. It was a long slog to Blacks, with Diver Down sailing more downwind to heat up at the end of the run and Pacific Spirit running the rhumb line to Blacks. Pair A Dice was being waterlined by Perfect 36 as they tried to steal our wind and slowly overtook us. At the mark, Pacific Spririt maintained their lead over Diver Down. Perfect 36 had inside overlap on us so we had to give them room at the mark. We swung down to make more of a “tactical rounding” to come up tight and squeak to windward of “P36”. Our plan failed and we were stuck leeward of Perfect 36. Perfect 36 tacked out for more wind outside, but miraculously the wind filled inside for us instead. Pacific Spirit finished ahead of Diver Down with Pair a Dice coming in third and Perfect 36 fourth and Sea Quake (C&C 29) fifth. Close races like this are always fun and keep us on our toes!

Last Tuesday (7/29)

I was not able to sail last Tuesday, so was not able to give a proper report. I heard that there was great wind and the winner was Diver Down followed by Perfect 36 then Sailing Pair a Dice, Blue Ribbon and Makani. It’s great to have Perfect 36 join the party! They appear to be a very well run boat from what we can tell viewing their sternL. Sounds like a fun night on the bay.

Other racing venues:

It seems we have all had a blast sailing our Catalina Tuesdays. There are many other racing venues we can all race in. Personally I missed the Santa Cruz to Monterey race a few weeks ago, but I heard it was a blast. There are score races and the midwinters during the winter. We could even have a contingency go up to the bay for the windjammer, an overnight race from St Francis to Santa Cruz. Most eminent is this Sunday’s Big Brother Big Sister. Having sailed in this race multiple times I can attest that it is one of my favorites. Let’s have a great turnout for this benefit regatta and have some fun this Sunday!

Barry Keeler

Sailing Pair A Dice

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