Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members,


The 4th of July weekend was full of great events.  Ron Dillehay hosted a cocktail party for all the boats that sailed to Monterey on Friday July 3rd.   We also had a very successful raft up in Santa Cruz on Saturday July 4th.  We had 4 or 5 boats raft up and with Onward as the anchor boat, it made for a great party.  The fireworks were great and it was great to go to the pot luck hosted by the social committee at the club before shoving off.   All in all it was a great set of events!!

Thanks all for participating.

Our other events are:

Full Moon Sail

Friday July 31st

Begonia Festival – Onward Cruise Party

Sunday Sept 6th

Leave SC at 10:30 – Return to SC at 3:30

Host = Cami

This event is NEW and is cool.  The idea is that a bunch of us get on Onward and ride to Capitola and get a mooring an hour or so before the Begonia Festival starts.  Then they hail the Capitola Boat and Bait to get a ride ashore and go and watch the Begonia Festival.  After the festival, folks use the Capitola Boat and Bait dinghy to get back to Onward, have a bunch of drinks and snacks.  Then Onward brings everyone back to the Harbor.  The cool thing here is you can see the Begonia Festival without dealing with parking and much of the hassle of seeing the festival.

Art and Wine Festival

Saturday Sep 13th.

The Idea here is that the boats that sail to Capitola for the Art and Wine festival can meet up either on shore or on someone’s boat and enjoy the music, wine etc.

Monterey Jazz Festival

Saturday and Sunday Sept 18 – 20

Host = Steve Smarden

Pirate Raft up

Sunday Oct 18th.

Host = Cami

Halloween Dock party

Saturday Oct 31.

New Year’s Day Brunch

Friday January 1st

Host = Jason

If you have questions about the Cruising Club, please contact Jason Lauer