Advanced Program Feels The Need For Speed

October 28, 2015Advanced Program (8th-12th grade), Juniors

The Junior Advanced sailors have been having a great time the last two weekends introducing some of the newer members to sailing on the Melges 24 M1.  The skipper and crew of Ian Collignon, Josselyn Verutti, and Olivia Beers have been mentoring Trevor and Dana Foley, Amy Ely, Charlotte Lenz, Jackson Halderman and Kate Chandler to … Read More

Scholastic Sailors Get School’d

October 21, 2015CFJs, Juniors

Mike Gross talked to the Scholastic sailors last Saturday for about an hour. He discussed a number of pertinent topics, among them: Starting line rules, mark roundings and other situations that came up after our regatta at EYC earlier this month. Mike connected his laptop to the TV and discussed various scenarios using a terrific … Read More

The 2015 30th Annual Lighted Boat Parade

October 20, 2015Lighted Boat Parade

 30th  ANNUAL  LIGHTED  BOAT  PARADE DECEMBER 5th, 2015 The Santa Cruz Yacht Club, with support from the Santa Cruz Port District, invites ALL boaters to join the Lighted Boat Parade in the South Harbor on Saturday, DECEMBER 5, 2015. Parade will begin at 5:30 p.m. You will be judged in the categories of Theme, Lights, and … Read More

Fall One Design

October 19, 2015Club Features, One Design

2015 Fall One Design concluded this past week with 20 boats competing. Top finishers of the series where: Santa Cruz 27: Medusa; Santana 22: Old Enough; ACat: Flight Path; Thanks to all who helped and all who raced. See you for One Design next spring (if not for the Mid-Winters PHRF regattas)

Moore 24 Fall Classic Regatta

October 5, 2015Club Features, Regattas

While day one posed significant challenges to crew and equipment during the 2015 Moore 24 Fall Classic, nothing speaks more to the arduousness of the regatta and the assiduousness of the rumored ‘local’s only’ culture in Santa Cruz than the demasting of William Erkelens’ Eclipse (RYC) due to whale fluke ‘entanglement.’ Day two saw renewed … Read More

El Toro Program Starts With A Swim Test

October 2, 2015El Toro, Juniors

El Toro program sailors take part in the required swim test that is always the start of a super fun sailing year.  As you can tell there is nothing better than messing around with boats!