No Sailing . . . No Problem

January 20, 2016Advanced Program (8th-12th grade), CFJs, Juniors

On Saturday, Jan 16th the Scholastic Sailing team met in the Lower Room on their regular practice day. Everyone is bummed that the harbor is shoaled and we can’t go sailing! There was even too much rain for a work day. The morning was spent reviewing videos and discussing starts among other sailing subjects. The … Read More

A Message From The Port Director

January 12, 2016Club Features, Local News

(In a nutshell: the harbor entrance is shoaled) “As many of you are aware, the recent winter storms and southerly swells have produced rapid and continual shoaling in the Santa Cruz Harbor entrance. Four years of drought have left massive volumes of sand and debris queued up for delivery along the California coast once the … Read More

On Match Racing

January 11, 2016Classes & Seminars, Club Features, WISS

This past week Nicole Breault & Karen Loutzenheiser presented on Match Racing during the 2016 Winter Informational Seminar Series to a packed house. Nicole and Karen spent the evening sharing insight into their awesomely adventuresome year racing followed by massaging into the malleable minds of the audience the elementary aspects of a successful match racing team. The Take … Read More

Tidal Conditions Surpass Predictions

January 5, 2016Club Features, Local News, Sailing News

For those of you interested in coastal processes, here’s an interesting phenomenon: Check out this graph of the measured tide at Monterey Harbor. For the last 6-8 months or more, the observed tidal heights at Monterey have been about 0.5 feet higher than the predicted tides, possibly due to the effects of warmer water and/or … Read More

2016 – Board of Directors

January 1, 2016SCYC Board of Directors

Commodore: Chuck Murray Vice Commodore: Barry Keeler Rear Commodore: Joe Altmann Treasurer: Lou Pambianco Port Captain: Tim Kelbert Secretary: Ashley Zaninovich Regatta Chairman: Bret Gripenstraw Director: Barry Whittall Director: John Buchanan Jr. Director: Tina Verutti Director: Beau Vrolyk   Membership: Charlie Rice Clothing: Angela Madden Junior Director: Skip Ely Cruising Director: Katie Wohlstattar Port District: TBD SCORE: Chris Hofmann Midwinter: Mark Voropayev … Read More

2016 – Charles Murray

January 1, 2016SCYC Commodores

Charles Murray was born in the world yachting capital of Dillon, Montana. Despite that beginning, he claims to have never laid eyes on a sailboat until he matriculated to the Massacussetts Institute of Technology.  There, he was able to begin his lifelong love of sailing. He graduated from both MIT and the University of Minnesota, … Read More