Charles Murray was born in the world yachting capital of Dillon, Montana. Despite that beginning, he claims to have never laid eyes on a sailboat until he matriculated to the Massacussetts Institute of Technology.  There, he was able to begin his lifelong love of sailing.

He graduated from both MIT and the University of Minnesota, where he received his MD degree.  Thereafter began a long and distinguished medical career as a physician and professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Along the way, he met and married his wife, Hilda. He also invested, (that’s what we call it, right?) in his first boat, a 15 foot Chrysler Mutineer, which look at lot like FJs.  As an oncologist, Chuck was also President of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Cancer Society, and was Chief of Staff of the Methodist Hospital in Minneapolis.

Chuck and Hilda moved from Minneapolis to Santa Cruz where they began sailing the the Santa Cruz Yacht Club, sailing generally on their Santana 22.

2015-Chuck Murray on TaraIn 2015, Chuck, serving as Vice Commodore, generously donated his Santana 22, Tara, a beautiful example of the class, to the SCYC Jack and Jill program.