Join us this year as we feature scientists, world record holders, safety experts, judges and passionate boaters throughout our 2017 Winter (Wednesday) Informational (Sailing) Seminar Series, WISS... or WWISSS or just the sound of the Winter wind outside in the trees beaconing to us.. 'come sail.'

The club will be open to member and the community on Wednesdays evenings.
Bar open at 6:30 PM, events begin at 7 PM. 

Here is the schedule of speakers and events:

January 4th

Building a Stitch and Glue El Toro

Presented by Carole & Mark Hamlin

Mark and Carole started the Santa Cruz High School sailing team together in 2006, and were named SCYC Junior Yachtsman and Junior Yachtswoman of the year in 2007. Carole went on to race for the University of Washington, while Mark studied Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara. In 2014, Mark and Carole got married at SCYC and soon after moved back to Santa Cruz.

Come learn from first time woodworkers about the experience of building a stitch and glue wooden boat! The El Toro is a popular 8 foot racing dinghy. While watching the Wednesday night dinghy races during last year’s harbor closure, Mark and Carole were inspired to build a plywood El Toro for their future junior sailor. The boat is traditionally built using a jig, where cross sectional frames are constructed and plywood is carefully test fit onto the surface. In a faster, more modern method of boat building known as stitch and glue, precisely cut panels are joined by epoxy and fiberglass tape to form the hull. Since no stitch and glue pattern was available, Mark and Carole used the one design hull measurements to construct their own plans and build a class legal hull.

January 11th

PacCup Adventures: Double Handed in an Olson 30

Presented by Jason Lauer

Jason Lauer has been sailing since his days attending UCSC, and taught by Phil Vandenberg and Jot Fisher Smith.   One of his life long dreams was to skipper the Pacific Cup in his Olson 30 "Double Espresso".  In July 2016 Jason, along with Paul Kamen, sailed Double Espresso from San Francisco to Kaneohe Bay Hawaii in 11 Days 5 Hours and 16 Minutes.  He is giving a talk to share his experience with this adventure.

January 18th

Wine Tasting

Hosted by Jack Gordon

Bring $2, a bottle of wine, and 2-4oz tasting glasses (tasting glasses available at the event)

January 25th

The bait and switch: A discussion of seafood fraud in Los Angeles, CA and Santa Cruz, CA

Presented by Hayley Nuetzel

Hayley is a second-year PhD student within a cooperative research unit of UCSC and NOAA scientists from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center here in Santa Cruz, CA. She is particularly interested in using genomic data to understand the process of speciation within the marine environment. After graduating with a B.S. in Marine Biology from UCLA, she spent two years working in science education. During this time, she became involved in a seafood fraud study based in Los Angeles, CA that radically changed her view of the seafood industry and her impact as a seafood consumer. She has since engaged anyone willing to listen in a discussion of this issue, and coordinated a pilot study with Harbor High School students last year that will be expanded this year. She strongly believes that by spreading awareness of this issue, we can use this knowledge to collectively promote sustainability within the seafood industry.

With the continual development of genetic technologies, the questions we can ask using this data rapidly expands. One issue that has been greatly informed by these technologies is that of seafood fraud. Multiple studies have used a technique known as DNA barcoding to assess the authenticity of labelling at seafood vendors across the United States. In this talk, I will briefly explain the DNA barcoding technique, and communicate findings from studies I helped conduct in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, CA. Nationwide, mislabeling rates are shockingly high and illustrate larger conservation and management issues. I will highlight species particularly vulnerable to mislabeling, and discuss actions we can take as seafood consumers.

February 1st

The Great Pacific Race -- Rowing the Pacific Ocean

Presented by Carlo Facchino

Carlo Facchino was born and raised in San Jose, CA. He was introduced to the sport of rowing as a freshman at the University of California Davis. A four year varsity oarsman, Carlo was voted the Most Valuable Oarsmen his senior year. Post college, Carlo began his coaching career at U.C. Davis where he coached for 2 years. From 2003 to 2008 Carlo coached at Santa Clara University and was the Women's Head Crew Coach from 2005 to 2008. In 2015 he joined the Santa Cruz Rowing Club and got to his first taste of ocean rowing. As part of Team Uniting Nations, Carlo and his three crew mates set the Guiness Book of World Records for the fastest Pacific Ocean crossing from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii. Completing the journey in 39 days, 9 hours and 56 minutes.

The Great Pacific Race is a bi-annual, self supported rowing race where crews attempt to row from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii. Team Uniting Nations, a crew of four rowers from four different nations came together this past June to achieve a common goal: To break the World Record for the fastest Pacific Ocean crossing. Along the 2,600 plus mile journey the crew faced 30 foot waves, multiple storms, out-rowed three hurricanes and managed to survive living on a 24 foot boat for 39 days.

February 8th

Beer Tasting - IPA

Hosted by Bridget & Fred Molnar

Beer drinkers, Bridget and Fred are ready to host your journey through the tasting at this annual event.

Bring One 22 ounce (preferred) or two 12 oz bottles of India Pale Ale, aka IPA*; $2 to enter the tasting competition, and a few 1-3oz tasting glasses (or we will provide some plastic cups); a beer appropriate appetizer to share and pair with your IPA; and enjoy a night of pondering the finer things in life as well as the qualities of the night’s beer offerings.

* Please do NOT bring Double or Triple IPAs

Some examples of IPAs are: Lagunitas IPA, Mission IPA, Stone Brewing Enjoy by IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, He'Brew Hop Manna IPA, Firestone Union Jack IPA, Anchor Odeprot IPA. There are over 100 22 oz IPA varieties listed at Your local beverage store may have others.

Tasting starts at 7 PM.

February 15th

Wine Tasting

Hosted by Jack Gordon

Bring $2, a bottle of wine, and 2-4oz tasting glasses (tasting glasses available at the event)

February 22th

The Offshore 42, A New Cruiser Ready to Cross Oceans

Presented by Kip Wanaselja & Erik De Jong

In order to make ocean passages more enjoyable, a boat needs to be comfortable, strong, forgiving, fast and low maintenance. Erik De Jong has many offshore sailing miles under his belt, and knows firsthand the characteristics that make a sailboat handle well at sea. First having begun the design years ago, Erik has finished what is one of the safest and most comfortable offshore sailboats that will be available today, the Offshore 42. The hull shape is based on what we have learnt from the Expedition 50, a well-proven offshore sailboat that has been put to the test for over 50,000 miles by Erik himself.

Join Erik and Kip as they discuss the aspects that went into the design criteria, from balancing the center of buoyancy and center of lift from the sails, to the design spiral and how to select the proper gear. Included in the presentation will be a special announcement about what shipyard will be building the Offshore 42 and when it will be available.

Erik: A passionate sailor and designer, Erik began his sailing career as a toddler, on board his parents’ boat, exploring the high latitudes of Europe. His passion for designing and building took off when he designed a 50ft high latitude expedition boat of his own when he was only 16. A few years later Erik built Bagheera with his dad, all from scratch, sails included. Bagheera has sailed over 50,000 miles in the past 8 years, including a Northwest Passage transit from Greenland to Alaska

Kip: A naturally enthusiastic individual, Kip has been a lifelong sailor and raced dinghies for over 6 years. He now enjoys racing ultra light displacement boats along the west coast and is planning on campaigning in the 2017 California Offshore Race Week. Having previously started a sailing related company focused on doing research into using rigid wing sails, he is now focusing on more broadly appealing boats.

March 1st

Safety At Sea: Who's at Risk?

Accident statistics in sailig and what we can do to limit our exposure to risk.

Presented By Chuck Hawley

Veteran sailor and club member, Staff Commodore Chuck Hawley is also a safety expert. When not sailing, he can be seen volunteering his time around the club to teach juniors, corinthians, and regular members alike in the ways of good, safe boat handling and preparedness.

March 8th


Presented by Mike Gross & Chris Hofmann

Mike is a 10+ year veteran judge and Chris a long time race officer. Both Mike and Chris are looking to keep racers safe, informed, and out of the protest room.