I was born and raised in Washington DC along with two brothers and two sisters. My father was a bricklaying contractor and taught me the trade, though working in the sweltering summer heat and the bitter winter cold did not endear me to construction. The trade did allow me to work my way through school and I graduated from the University of Maryland school of Pharmacy in Baltimore with honors in 1974.

I moved to Napa Valley in 1978 taking a pharmacist position at a hospital there. Ultimately I moved to Santa Cruz in 1984 to satiate my lust for surfing. I was an avid surfer but was unprepared for the long periods during the summer when there was no surf. After my first summer of no surf I realized I needed something for excitement during the summer months and bought my first Hobie Cat in 1986.
It was around 1986 that I met my future wife. I continued to surf and sail my Hobie until 2001 when I entered the real boating world by buying a Catalina 30. I renamed the boat Sailing Pair A Dice and participated in Catalina Tuesdays with 2-3 other boats. We tried several things to entice more interest in Catalina Tuesdays with limited success.

Finally in 2009 Lisa and I joined the yacht club and were impressed with the friendly nature of the club. We have found the diversity of members and the prevalent volunteer attitude to be very enticing. Meanwhile I was learning as much as I could about sailing always realizing that I would never know it all. About four years ago I decided to share what I was learning from Catalina Tuesdays by writing a blog (sailingpairadice.blogspot.com). I guess everyone loves reading about themselves and this blog proved to be the missing link in increasing involvement and we now have between 12-15 boats consistently coming out on Tuesdays.

I continue to work as a Pharmacist, managing Dominican Plaza Pharmacy.

I am looking forward to serving my year as commodore of Santa Cruz Yacht Club and feel honored to be given the opportunity to serve.