Carole, Mark, & Lulu Hamlin presented this week on their venture into boat design and building. 

Mark and Carole started the Santa Cruz High School sailing team together in 2006, and were named SCYC Junior Yachtsman and Junior Yachtswoman of the year in 2007. Carole went on to race for the University of Washington, while Mark studied Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara. In 2014, Mark and Carole got married at SCYC and soon after moved back to Santa Cruz.

The first time woodworkers shared their experience of building their El Toro via stitch and glue. The boat is traditionally built using a jig, where cross sectional frames are constructed and plywood is carefully test fit onto the surface. In a faster, more modern method of boat building known as stitch and glue, precisely cut panels are joined by epoxy and fiberglass tape to form the hull. Remarkably, because no stitch and glue pattern was available, Mark and Carole used the one design hull measurements to build software to construct their own plans, providing them a class legal hull.