Presented by Kip Wanaselja & Erik De Jong

In order to make ocean passages more enjoyable, a boat needs to be comfortable, strong, forgiving, fast and low maintenance. Erik De Jong has many offshore sailing miles under his belt, and knows firsthand the characteristics that make a sailboat handle well at sea. First having begun the design years ago, Erik has finished what is one of the safest and most comfortable offshore sailboats that will be available today, the Offshore 42. The hull shape is based on what we have learnt from the Expedition 50, a well-proven offshore sailboat that has been put to the test for over 50,000 miles by Erik himself.

Join Erik and Kip as they discuss the aspects that went into the design criteria, from balancing the center of buoyancy and center of lift from the sails, to the design spiral and how to select the proper gear. Included in the presentation will be a special announcement about what shipyard will be building the Offshore 42 and when it will be available.

Erik: A passionate sailor and designer, Erik began his sailing career as a toddler, on board his parents’ boat, exploring the high latitudes of Europe. His passion for designing and building took off when he designed a 50ft high latitude expedition boat of his own when he was only 16. A few years later Erik built Bagheera with his dad, all from scratch, sails included. Bagheera has sailed over 50,000 miles in the past 8 years, including a Northwest Passage transit from Greenland to Alaska

Kip: A naturally enthusiastic individual, Kip has been a lifelong sailor and raced dinghies for over 6 years. He now enjoys racing ultra light displacement boats along the west coast and is planning on campaigning in the 2017 California Offshore Race Week. Having previously started a sailing related company focused on doing research into using rigid wing sails, he is now focusing on more broadly appealing boats.