Santa Cruz 27 National Champions

May 24, 2017SCYC Trophies

1976: Kurzweile 1977: Hotspur 1978: Get Down 1979: Anticipation 1980: Get Down 1981: Sachi Bleu 1982: Medusa 1983: Hot Flash 1984: Magna 1985: Miller Time 1986: Marley 1987: Zipper 1988: ___lude 1989: Jamie’s Pony 1990:Good Timin’ 1991: Good Timin’ 1992: Kurzweile 1993: Dynaflow 1994: Rad 1995: Dynaflow 1996: Good Timin’ 1997: __ Banalhi Express 1998: … Read More


May 21, 2017Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

Strong weekend winds persisted, after a great One Design regatta the day before, for a fantastic spring regatta in Santa Cruz. As seventy-foot yachts jockeyed for superiority at the line, the jib & main fleet hounded at their heels for their chance to bite into dancing fog and 20+ knots across the course. The majority of … Read More

May One Design

May 20, 2017Club Features, One Design

Weak wind predictions were upset early in the afternoon by 15 knot winds. As the breeze built with the swell through the afternoon, racers, when not surfing, were whipped around the course, wide eyed with delight. In some cases delight turned to apprehension as lee-side sailors clung to side-ways boats and sea-soaked skippers leaned on … Read More

May Laser Regatta

May 19, 2017Club Features, Corinthians, Regattas

6 Lasers and 1 F.J. enjoyed a brisk Easterly for the first Friday Night Laser Regatta of the summer. Racing was close around the course and with some skippers in shorts, capsizes were critical points of avoidance.  The Laser Regatta kicked off the special triple regatta weekend, including One Design, S.C.O.R.E., and special appearances by … Read More