The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club and Santa Cruz Yacht Club raced for Monterey Bay bragging rights Sunday and Monday in the annual Veeder Cup Regatta.

And they decided to share them.

Due to time restraints, the two clubs declared a tie after splitting four races in the match-race series.

The annual race usually takes place in September, when a yacht club based within Monterey Bay challenges the reigning Veeder Cup winner. Both teams race on the same sized boat, which the challenger chooses, in a best-of-five series of 4-mile runs. At stake, in addition to a year’s worth of bragging rights, is the Veeder Cup Trophy. It was donated by Grace Veeder of the Stillwater Yacht Club in 1963.

This year, the Santa Cruz club challenged defending champion Monterey Peninsula to race it using Santa Cruz 52s.

MPYC enlisted Dave MacEwen and the Lucky Duck to defend its title. They won the second and third races of the match race event in light and shifty conditions. In similar conditions, Skip Ely and the Elyxer from SCYC won the first and fourth races.

“Everything was perfect in this year’s Veeder Cup, except for the wind,” MacEwen wrote in an email. “Regardless, I think the event really built on the success of past matches and extended the camaraderie between the Monterey Bay yacht clubs. We are already looking forward to next year.”

Because of the draw, the MPYC will retain the trophy.

Both boats has 16-person crews. Santa Cruz’s included: Skip Ely, Boris Baggerman, Ian Klitza, Jotham Fisher-Smith, John Andrew, Dave Collignon, Evan Diola, Matt Vechhoine, Chris Watts, Michael Wood, Brent Ruhne, Stacey Ely, Jennifer Andrew, John Herne and juniors Morgan Miller and Michael Levy. Monterey Peninsula’s included: Dave MacEwen, Larry Gamble, Jacob Paoletti, Robin Jeffers, Betsy Jeffers, Kate Conway, Jared January, Augie Lewis, Ashley Hobsen, Austin Book, Chris Gatward, Dana Russell, David Morris, Mark Chaffey, Mark Michael and Eric Anderso – By Julie Jag, Santa Cruz Sentinel

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