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  • Anti-Ventilation Plate
    A structure build into the vertical shaft of an outboard motor to prevent surface air from being sucked into the negative pressure side of the propeller blades. Ventilation can also come from exhaust gases being introduced into the blades of the prop.
  • Powerhead
    The motive force of a propulsion system. On outboard motors, the powerhead is often a 2-stroke or 4-stroke gasoline powered combustion engine. On inboard motors, the powerhead is often a diesel powered combustion engine. Both inboard and outboard motors may also use electric motor powerheads.
  • Propeller
    A mechanical device consisting of a revolving shaft, rotated via linkages to a powerhead, with two or more broad, angled blades attached to it designed to create lift in a single direction.
  • Skeg
    A skeg, (skegg or skag) is a sternward extension of the keel of boats and ships which have a rudder mounted on the centre line. The term also applies to the lowest point on an outboard motor or the outdrive of an inboard/outboard. In more recent years, the name has been used for a fin […]
  • Tiller
    A lever used for steering, attached to the top of the rudder post. Used mainly on smaller vessels, such as dinghies and rowing boats.