September Cruising Newsletter

August 26, 2015Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members, We have a really great new event on the horizon. It is the Begonia Festival Boondoggle!!! Begonia Festival – Onward Cruise Party Sunday Sept 6th Leave SC at 10:00 – Return to SC at 3:30 Host = Cami This event is NEW and is cool. The idea is that a … Read More

July Cruising Newsletter

July 1, 2015Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members,   The 4th of July weekend was full of great events.  Ron Dillehay hosted a cocktail party for all the boats that sailed to Monterey on Friday July 3rd.   We also had a very successful raft up in Santa Cruz on Saturday July 4th.  We had 4 or 5 boats raft … Read More

June Cruising Newsletter

June 1, 2015Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members, We had a wonderful super great romantic nearly full moon sail on May 31st. There were 4 boats out there all waiting to see the moon pop up out of the clouds which it finally did!! Thanks Katie Wohlstattar for leading this fun event!! Our next event is the extremely … Read More

A-Dock Party & June Cruising Club Newsletter

May 26, 2015Club Features, Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members!! Thanks to you folks who are stepping up to host some of our great events!! The Cruising Club met for the first dock party of the season Saturday, May 9th on “A” dock. The weather was perfect, the theme was Caribbean. Cruisers and “A” dock neighbors gathered to share great … Read More

May Cruising Club Newsletter

May 5, 2015Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members, A dozen of us from the Cruising Group had a great lunch at the Pacific Sail Expo! People were bragging nonstop about all the great stuff they bought. A big thanks to Rick and Dorie for setting this up. Coming up is our Spring Dock Party hosted by Katie Wohlstattar … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for April

March 24, 2015Cruising

The cruising group has a great event coming up.  It is the second annual Pacific Sail Expo Lunch and is open to ALL SCYC members. Lunch will be Dutch treat at Scotts Restaurant at Jack London Square.  Seating is at 11:30.  Please contact Rick and Dorie Green if you are interested in attending ( Our other … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for February

February 1, 2015Cruising

On January 1st we had a great New Year’s day potluck brunch with over 30 people who showed up. There was great pancakes a bunch of bacon, Bloody Mary’s and all sorts of other great stuff. The only real problem was that we ran out of pancakes. Next year I will do better. I also … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for December & January

December 1, 2014Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members, Or next event is our New Year’s Day potluck brunch.  The original idea was that folks could attend the New Year’s eve party and then spend the night on their boat and have brunch the following morning.  Anyway,  all are welcome even if you did not spend the night on … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for November

October 23, 2014Cruising

October was a great month for the Cruising Group!! On Saturday October 4th we had a huge raft up for the 100 year Wharf birthday fireworks celebration.  There were 9 boats rafted up with at least 50 in attendance.  The weather was warm and the fireworks were great!!!  Thanks to Matthew Coale for skippering Onward as … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for October

September 30, 2014Cruising

Hello Folks, On Sunday Sept 14th the Cruisers hosted a Caribbean themed dock party.  There were lots of Pain Killers for all.  We watched the Harbor 50th anniversary cardboard kayak race which was quite entertaining.  I think everyone had a good time and the weather was perfect. Quick thanks to Joe and Susan for hosting, … Read More

SCYC Cruisers – Newsletter for August

July 22, 2014Cruising

Hello Yacht Club Members, July was a great month for the Cruisers! Firstly, in my opinion, a successful Cruising group does actual overnights on their boats and we did that!!! Steve Smardan and I took our boats to Stillwater Cove, spent a couple of nights on the hook.  We also had a cool BBQ on … Read More

Cruising Newsletter for July

June 24, 2014Cruising

Hello Yacht Club Members On June 14th we had a great dock party followed up with a beautiful full moon sail.  The winds were light but not too light and the skies clear making for a great event. Coming up is our 4th of July set of events which are as follows: Stillwater Cove – Saturday June 28 … Read More

Cruising Club Newsletter – for June

May 20, 2014Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members! The cruising group celebrated the beautiful weather and each other with a C dock gathering on May 3, 2013, hosted by Vance Landis-Carey, Robert Carey, Bob Mattson (Diver Down) and Steve Smarden (Reachable Star Too).  Vice Commodore Don Conant dropped by and a number of racers did, too, making this … Read More

Cruising Club Newsletter – for May

April 20, 2014Cruising

Hello Fellow Yacht Club Members!   On April 11th about a dozen of us met for lunch at the Pacific Sail Expo!  Not only did we get to have a great lunch at Scott’s but as expected we all started talking about boats which lead to discussions about the head and galley.  So if you weren’t … Read More

Escaping Chicago

February 26, 2014Club Features, Cruising

I am surprised downtown Chicago is so beautiful. But like Baltimore you go a few blocks outside of the “downtown” and you find a soft, seedy, underbelly of bloodstained, chalk body markings. Riding the “L” as it is called, the metro, into town from the airport can’t be easier, but you don’t want to get off too early. … Read More

2013 Pirate Raft-Up-Party

October 27, 2013Club Features, Cruising

Saturday’s world famous Pirate Party was a great success.  Pirates made way to Cowells Beach and rafted with the anchored Onwaaarrrd for the afternoon parley. It’s difficult to say the outcome, besides amicable. Start Slideshow Have photos of the event? Let us know

Cruising Club Newsletter – July 2013

June 25, 2013Club News, Cruising

Hello Folks, On Saturday June 21st, the cruisers had a great Super moon sail, the weather was warm, visibility was great, the winds were light but not too light and the moon was huge.  Many of us enjoyed the junior spagetthi feed at the club prior to the sail. Coming up is our 4th of July events.  … Read More

C-Dock Social

April 12, 2013Cruising

We enjoyed a relaxing, then rambunctious, C-Dock social. Many thanks to all who provided their boats, booze, and b-dishes-to-share!