Mike Holt retains 5O5 World Title

October 2, 2017Club Features, Club News, SCYC Press

Mike Holt and Carl Smit took first place at the 5O5 World Championship Regatta in Annapolis, Maryland this past weekend.  Mike, previously two time 5O5 World Champion, is now three-time 5O5 World Champion, retaining the hard earned title since 2015.  “It does make us proud, because we’ve always been considered heavy air sailors,” Holt, who … Read More

2017-18 Dredge Season Notice

September 26, 2017Announcements, Club Features

2017-18 DREDGE SEASON Dear Harbor User: The 2017-18 dredging season is just around the corner! NORTH HARBOR DREDGING Three areas of the north harbor will be dredged commencing October 2, 2017. To maximize production and efficiently return the shoaled areas at the turning basin, X-J channel and culvert area, and I-Dock area to design depths, … Read More

Veeder Cup 2017

September 5, 2017Club Features, Regattas

The 2017 Veeder Cup was underway this week in the Monterey Bay outside the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club between Lucky Duck of MPYC and Eylxir of SCYC. Light winds, prohibiting a fifth race, forced a tie in the event at 2:2, the latest in a series of local regattas, including Windjammer and Jazz Cup, stymied … Read More

August SCORE – 2017

August 28, 2017Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

The ride home to Santa Cruz from Moss Landing after the Double Angle Regatta this week was the perfect set for this month’s SCORE race. Results Congratulations to all finishers. First Place Finishers A-Fleet: Buona Sera B-Fleet: RIO Media

June SCORE – 2017

June 26, 2017Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

Warm winds from the West and smooth seas set comfortable conditions for the final day of racing in the Spring SCORE series. With points close in each fleet, fleet leaders were pressured to maintain their performance across the race courses where handicapped positions looked to be splitting hairs.  Congratulations to the First Place Finishers!  A-Fleet: … Read More


May 21, 2017Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

Strong weekend winds persisted, after a great One Design regatta the day before, for a fantastic spring regatta in Santa Cruz. As seventy-foot yachts jockeyed for superiority at the line, the jib & main fleet hounded at their heels for their chance to bite into dancing fog and 20+ knots across the course. The majority of … Read More

May One Design

May 20, 2017Club Features, One Design

Weak wind predictions were upset early in the afternoon by 15 knot winds. As the breeze built with the swell through the afternoon, racers, when not surfing, were whipped around the course, wide eyed with delight. In some cases delight turned to apprehension as lee-side sailors clung to side-ways boats and sea-soaked skippers leaned on … Read More

May Laser Regatta

May 19, 2017Club Features, Corinthians, Regattas

6 Lasers and 1 F.J. enjoyed a brisk Easterly for the first Friday Night Laser Regatta of the summer. Racing was close around the course and with some skippers in shorts, capsizes were critical points of avoidance.  The Laser Regatta kicked off the special triple regatta weekend, including One Design, S.C.O.R.E., and special appearances by … Read More


April 24, 2017Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

The fleet saw strong spring winds and swell for the April SCORE races out to Natural Bridges and around the corner to Mitchell’s Cove.  Congratulations to sailors and first place fleet finishers. A-Fleet: Merlin B-Fleet: Gandalf Jib & Main: Sailing Pair-A-Dice Complete Race Results

Midwinters Wrap Up

March 20, 2017Club Features, Midwinters

Light and variable wind but good time on the water for the late mid-winter.  Congratulations to top finishers! A-Fleet: Astra B-Fleet: Tonopah Low Jib & Main A-Fleet: Equanimity Jib & Main B-Fleet: Odonata Double Handed: Lowly Worm 2.0 Sign up for one design!  

Beer Tasting

February 10, 2017Club Features, Social Sailing & Club Events, WISS

We had a fun IPA beer tasting at the Club on Wednesday Feb 8. There were 32 people attending, and 35 bottles of beer were brought for a blinded tasting using the same format that Jack Gordon’s group uses for the wine tastings at the Club. The winning IPA was Bear Republic Racer 5 brought … Read More

January Midwinter’s

January 22, 2017Club Features, Midwinters

Frequent mudslides and downed trees on Hwy 17, partial shoaling of the harbor mouth, and some of the largest waves on the bay in many years kept racers ashore for the January 21 midwinter date.  Next midwinter racing is scheduled for February 18. 

Jack And Jill (2016)

December 18, 2016Club Features, Jack & Jill

Third try was a charm on a blue bird day on the bay for the annual Jack and Jill Regatta. It was great to see all the double handed racers on the water.  Congratulations to all participants & first finishers: Div A: M1 Div B:Mistress Quickly Jib And Main A: Tonopah Low Jib And Main B: Schock Therapy … Read More

December Midwinters

December 17, 2016Club Features, Midwinters

It was a beautiful day for the December midwinters. Congratulations to all finishers. First Place Finishers: Div A: Aboriginal Div B: Mistress Quickly Jib & Main-Div A: Equanimity Jib & Main-Div B: Odonata Double Handed: Lowly Worm 2.0 Complete Results Here

2017 WISS Schedule

December 14, 2016Classes & Seminars, Club Features

Join us this year as we feature scientists, world record holders, safety experts, judges and passionate boaters throughout our 2017 Winter (Wednesday) Informational (Sailing) Seminar Series, WISS… or WWISSS or just the sound of the Winter wind outside in the trees beaconing to us.. ‘come sail.’ The club will be open to member and the community on … Read More

October SCORE

October 25, 2016Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

Many Painted Ships upon a painted ocean. Just enough wind to get around the courses in tight boat for boat racing. October’s First Place Finishers: A-Fleet: Octavia; Buona Sera B-Fleet: Worry Knot Congratulations to Series Winners: A-Fleet 1st Place: Heartbeat 2nd Place: Buona Sera 3rd Place: Astra B-Fleet 1st Place: Gandalf 2nd Place: Worry Knot 3rd Place: Rio Complete Results Are Here … Read More

September SCORE

September 26, 2016Club Features, S.C.O.R.E.

Sunday was a beautiful day on the water. Crews were out in short sleeves while a modest wind filled in across the courses. Congratulations to first place finishers: PHRF-Div A: Astra; PHRF-Div B: Mistress Quickly; Gandalf; Media: Photos from Chris Hofmann Start Slideshow

August One Design

August 21, 2016Club Features, One Design

Santa Cruz 27 First Place Finishers were Mistress Quickly and Hanalei. Santana 22 First Place Finisher was Hot Tuna. Congratulations to all competitors! Complete Race Results are Posted Here MEDIA Start Slideshow

2016 Day On The Bay Regatta Results

August 8, 2016Club Features, Day On The Monterey Bay

This year’s Day on The Monterey Bay Regatta supported the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Cruz. With thirty-three boats registered, the start was exciting and the racing fun! Congratulations to division first place finishers! Division 1: Astra Division 2: Magic Division 3: Sailing Pair a Dice Division 6: White Won Thanks to all participants and sponsors … Read More

2016 Santana 22 Nationals

August 1, 2016Club Features, Santana 22

Quiet winds, course subtitles and equipment failures were all apart of this years’s Santana 22 National Championship in Santa Cruz, California. The lead boats were separated by on a few points and each race was tight. Congratulations to the 2016 National Champion Maybe, skippered by Phil Vandenberg. Second Place: Rick’s Place, Skipper: Bob Comstock; Third Place: Cnidarian, … Read More