August 2, 2017CFJs, Juniors, Scholastics (8th-12th grade)

It’s time to sign up for Scholastic Sailing! Please follow the link below to sign up for the 2017/18 sailing season. Sign ups are open to everyone from 8th through 12th grades. Please sign up now to ensure your spot on the team! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!!    

No Sailing . . . No Problem

January 20, 2016Advanced Program (8th-12th grade), CFJs, Juniors

On Saturday, Jan 16th the Scholastic Sailing team met in the Lower Room on their regular practice day. Everyone is bummed that the harbor is shoaled and we can’t go sailing! There was even too much rain for a work day. The morning was spent reviewing videos and discussing starts among other sailing subjects. The … Read More

High School Sailing Team Christmas Party

December 14, 2015Advanced Program (8th-12th grade), CFJs, Juniors

“Last night this lovely group of kids enjoyed their Christmas party.  They played musical chairs, sang Christmas songs and enjoyed a feast provide by Louisa Beers from Gayle’s Bakery.  The highlight was the white elephant gift exchange.” Andrea Miller, Scholastic Director The zebra is already in the Junior Shed.  He’ll be our windward mark at … Read More

Scholastic Sailors Get School’d

October 21, 2015CFJs, Juniors

Mike Gross talked to the Scholastic sailors last Saturday for about an hour. He discussed a number of pertinent topics, among them: Starting line rules, mark roundings and other situations that came up after our regatta at EYC earlier this month. Mike connected his laptop to the TV and discussed various scenarios using a terrific … Read More

Junior Sailors Earn Their Racing Jackets

July 8, 2015CFJs, Juniors

Morgan and Michael happy to receive their hard earned racing jackets.  Juniors must be in high school, sail 10 separate regattas in a 12 month period, write a recap of each regatta, complete community service, write an essay on sportsmanship and then present their writings to the Junior Board. If you are a high school sailor and interesting in earning your jacket, see the junior … Read More

High School Sailors Travel to Stevenson Regatta

May 5, 2015CFJs, Juniors

The Spring Stevenson Cup regatta was held on Sunday, March 28th. There are two Stevenson regattas held, one in Fall and the other in Spring.  This is our favorite event because we don’t have to travel far and many families picnic on the wharf to watch the close in sailing.  Twenty-one junior sailors participated in … Read More

Scholastic High School Team On The Road

January 19, 2015CFJs, Juniors

The Scholastic High School Team traveled to Richmond Yacht Club for a regatta January 10th.  Here is the recap from Coach Mike Scott: Conditions were extremely light – the wind never got above about 5 knots. We had a decent flood which was crossing the course at about 1.5 knots. There was only enough wind … Read More

Norcal #7- January 11, 2014

January 13, 2014CFJs, Juniors

An overcast day with lots of drizzle… varying wind conditions… always a fun day of high school racing at Richmond YC.            

Norcal 5 and 6- Sequoia YC

November 18, 2013CFJs, Juniors

Norcal 5 started as a warm and calm morning… quickly turning into a chilly and windy afternoon.  6 races overall. Day 1: Congratulations to David, Mike P and Dana for their first place win in the gold fleet!  Also to Charlotte and Kyle for their 2nd place finish in the silver fleet!

Stevenson Regatta 10/26/13

October 27, 2013CFJs, Juniors

A cold and blustery Monterey day… SCYC took 5 boats and 10 sailors down south to compete in the Stevenson Regatta. Congratulations for Nicholas and Sam for their second place win and David and Max for their third place win out of 14 boats. What a good looking group we have of high school sailors! … Read More

Scholastic High School Sailing- NORCAL 1 and 2

October 1, 2013CFJs, Juniors

Last weekend, our SCYC high school FJ sailors participated in NORCAL 1 and 2 hosted by the Stockton Sailing Club.  We took 9 boats to the regatta, a new record number of boats to participate! Santa Cruz HS, Pacific Collegiate, Aptos HS, Scotts Valley HS, Los Gatos HS and Mount Modonna all sailed to represent … Read More