January Midwinters Postponed

January 19, 2018Midwinters, Regattas

Please be advised that the SCYC Race Committee has determined that it is NOT prudent to take out the race committee boats and volunteers tomorrow due to the extraordinary high surf and shoaling conditions across the Santa Cruz Harbor mouth. We regret if this may cause you to miss a fine race day if by … Read More

Midwinters Wrap Up

March 20, 2017Club Features, Midwinters

Light and variable wind but good time on the water for the late mid-winter.  Congratulations to top finishers! A-Fleet: Astra B-Fleet: Tonopah Low Jib & Main A-Fleet: Equanimity Jib & Main B-Fleet: Odonata Double Handed: Lowly Worm 2.0 Sign up for one design!  

January Midwinter’s

January 22, 2017Club Features, Midwinters

Frequent mudslides and downed trees on Hwy 17, partial shoaling of the harbor mouth, and some of the largest waves on the bay in many years kept racers ashore for the January 21 midwinter date.  Next midwinter racing is scheduled for February 18. 

December Midwinters

December 17, 2016Club Features, Midwinters

It was a beautiful day for the December midwinters. Congratulations to all finishers. First Place Finishers: Div A: Aboriginal Div B: Mistress Quickly Jib & Main-Div A: Equanimity Jib & Main-Div B: Odonata Double Handed: Lowly Worm 2.0 Complete Results Here

March Midwinters

March 23, 2015Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

The final weekend of midwinter racing was a great start to the 2015 sailing season. Winds eased into the day from the south and queued themselves toward the west, building through to the third race which culminated in an all-out brawl for the finish. Following the sailing, the Leukemia Cup Regatta Kick-Off party satiated everyone’s appetite and … Read More

February Midwinters

February 22, 2015Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

The sky was ominous and the sea life voracious, Vuja De experienced a “14-16 foot white shark snuggle up against her hull with a trash and a bellly bump” in the starting area while Hanelai saw a harbor seal “leap out of the water to bite the bow of the boat while running downwind at … Read More

January Midwinters

January 26, 2015Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

2015’s first Midwinter Regatta was a picture perfect Santa Cruz sailing day. Comfortable winds warmed up the crews and skippers to the new year of sailing. Thirty boats in four fleets pressed the line for three consecutive races with winds building into the afternoon, encouraging crews to dowse the 1 and hoist the 3, to hike hard, … Read More

November Midwinters

November 16, 2014Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

2014-2015 Santa Cruz Yacht Club Midwinter’s Regatta kicked off over the weekend with some dynamic and tedious conditions. The showing was substantial and conflicting as room was the talk of the day as they mingled round the no-windward mark. .. Regatta Results Photos: Start Slideshow 123►

March Midwinters

March 17, 2014Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

The final day of racing for the SCYC Midwinters has concluded. First Place Boats for the Series Spinnaker (PHRF <88): Octavia Spinnaker (PHRF >88): Pinata Non-Spinnaker: Schock Therapy Double Handed: Lowly Worm 2.0 Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the competitors. View the complete Series Results Here

February Midwinters

February 15, 2014Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

With race-day winds delivered from every compass point, the most excitement of the February midwinters was the late-day hoist wrangling. The competition was fierce. Dozens of boats queued along the hoist-dock, their trailers at the ready as each wrangler gripped the dock lines and took hold of 4000 pounds of flying fiberglass moving at just one speed, forward.  … Read More

January Midwinters

January 19, 2014Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

The skies were clear, the air was warm and the tide made stepping from the launch to the dock as easy as if we were all wet-slip holders.  There was a happy lazy buzz about and if you didn’t know any better, you’d a thought we were all cruising to Monterey. As boats arrived at … Read More

December Midwinters

December 23, 2013Club Features, Midwinters, Regattas

The December Midwinter racers enjoyed a traditional volatility of the winter winds on Saturday, which provided for plenty of warm-ups, mulling-about, and starts, but only one official race for three of the fleets (PHRF <88 was able to complete 2 races). Still, twenty-six boats showed up on the line. Top Finishers for the day were: Spinnaker … Read More

November Midwinters

November 17, 2013Midwinters, Regattas

November’s midwinter was an exciting medium-swell light-and-variable day with shortened courses and compressed fleets. The third and final race of the day enjoyed a deep and vast lull round the final mark, which led to the extraordinary attrition of eight boats. Skies were clear and most, if not all the sailors, enjoyed another beautiful day … Read More