The “ Corinthian Spirit” is a yachting term used to describe fairness, honesty and good sportsmanship expected of a sailor.

Evening Sail in Santa Cruz

Corinthians are a group of intermediate club members that are ages 21 to 35. They are a bridge between the Junior and Regular membership. The Corinthian Program is committed to reaching out to the community to teach sailing to both new and experienced sailors that would like to participate in the many activities provided by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club. These include:
Orange and blue spinnakers flying over Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz California

  • Sailing instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced sailing classes for small boats, keelboats and powerboats
  • Classes and workshops for all aspects of sailing
  • Opportunities to race on many different small boats, keelboats and large yachts as part of a racing team
  • Involvement with peers in social events throughout the year
  • The use of Laser sailboats on a daily basis
  • Use of SCYC facilities
  • Reciprocal privileges to other yacht clubs around the world

Have questions or interested in joining the Santa Cruz Yacht Club as a Corinthian Member? Contact us! 

The Corinthian Board of Directors

Commodore - Tim Gilmore

Vice Commodore - Tyler Karaszewski

Rear Commodore - Lauren Linkemyer

Treasurer - Seth Cohen

Secretary - Dominique Bertand

Director - Rachel Cherry

Director - Evan Diola

Staff Commodore - Ashley Zaninovich

Corinthian Director - Ashley Zaninovich

Corinthian Sailing

The Corinthian Program provides members with access to a diverse collection of boats and sailing conditions and environments. We provide competitive dinghy and keel-boat sailing opportunities as well as regular instructional cruises and off-water seminars. We aim to expose corinthian-members a wide variety of experiences and to help them reach their sailing goals through targeted mentorships with club members.

KeelBoat Sailing

Your Ex - Credit: Jon Kim - SCYCThe Corinthian program aims to provide weekly opportunities for sailors, new and old, to get aboard member keel-boats for causal, competitive and instructional sailing. Programs run throughout the summer on both weekdays and weekends and continue through the winter months, weather permitting.

Casual keelboat sailing is open to anyone interested and Keelboat racing crews are always looking for committed corinthians.

Dinghy Sailing