2012 Lighted Boat ParadeThe Santa Cruz Yacht Club proudly supports then Annual Lighted Boat Parade in Santa Cruz, California.

Each year, the parade invites boaters from across Santa Cruz to celebrate the dark months by illuminating their boats in creative and novel ways. Boats are judged based on craft type and awards are presented at the end of the evening.

We look forward to seeing you this year!


The 2016 Lighted Boat Parade

"Santa Cruz’in Under Starlight Together"

The Santa Cruz Yacht Club, with support from the Santa Cruz Port District, invites ALL boaters to join the 31st Annual Lighted Boat Parade in Santa Cruz, California. The parade will take place at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor’s South Harbor on Saturday, December 3rd 2016. The parade will begin at 5:30 p.m.

Participants will be judged in the categories of Theme, Lights, and Music. Prizes will be awarded and handed out at the SCYC clubhouse after the parade based on your participation in the following divisions.

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