Contact Dave Collignon, Advanced Director at 831-588-2526 or    We would love to have you join us!

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The Santa Cruz Yacht Club (SCYC) Advanced Program provides encouragement and support to SCYC junior sailors who pursue independent sailing campaigns in fleets other than El Toro or FJ. Purposely designed with an open structure, this program can encompass multiple and varied fleets. SCYC juniors have competed in 29er, in Laser, and in Moore 24 fleets. However, this program is not limited to just these fleets. Please contact our Advanced Program Director to discuss how your boat can fit in this program.

Like our other programs, the Advanced Sailing Program provides opportunities to expand competitive sailing skills in an environment that promotes ethics, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Through practice and competition, sailors develop leadership qualities and exercise critical judgment and decision-making skills.

The Advanced Program sailors supply and maintain their own boats. They subscribe and adhere to the rules and guidlines of their own fleet’s national and/or regional governing board.

The Advanced Program is like an independent studies program. Advanced Program sailors design their own schedules and manage their own logistics through consultation with the Advanced Program Director. It is crucial that the sailors keep the director informed of their activities.

Parents are the principal providers of adult supervision and support necessary to compete in the various venues. Advanced Program sailors are encouraged to apply directly to the Santa Cruz Sailing Foundation for monetary support for regatta fees, etc.

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