Jack-JillEach year, the Santa Cruz Yacht Club invites sailors to grab a Jack, or Jill, and get out on the water for double handed racing according to club tradition.

Jack and Jill were the original two keelboats that belonged to the Santa Cruz Yacht Club in the 1930’s. The boats were available for all SCYC members to sail. Members would raise a red flag from the yacht club (out on the end of the Santa Cruz wharf at the time) that would signal that someone else was interested in sailing the boat.

The original Jack and Jill boats were Cubs, built by Bear Yachts.  Eventually the two boats were replaced by two small Mercury keelboats and the tradition continued for many years.  Quite a few of our senior members can tell you about Jack and Jill’s colorful history and the wonderful experiences they have had sailing them.

In 2015, The Santa Cruz Yacht Club Board of Directors approved the reintroduction of a Jack & Jill boat.

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