Procedure for all members to follow:

1.  Santa Cruz Yacht Club (SCYC) members must be in good standing—Junior, Corinthian and Regular members

2.  Member must sign the 2 forms in club office with the club manager—Liability Waiver form and a Use Agreement document.  

******Minors (under 18 years old) must have their parent or guardian sign both forms.

3.  Member must pay a $30 annual use fee (Jan to Dec, yearly) in club office.

4.  Member must contact the Laser or Laser II coxswain after you have completed the paperwork and paid your fee in the office. The coxswain contact information will be available in the club office. The Laser Shed houses the necessary Laser sailing equipment and is locked. Only the current coxswains have access.  The office staff will direct the member to the correct contact (coxswain).

5.  Member must return your Laser boat and bag completely ready for the next sailor to check out.  Report any repairs or problems to coxswains immediately.  Member is responsible for any damage occurring during your launch, sailing, docking, and/or retrieval.   


• A Coast Guard approved life jacket and a wet suit is required at all times.
• Sailing under the bridge is prohibited!
• Use caution with incoming/outgoing vessels using the harbor.
• Stay to the right of the channel when going in and out of the harbor.
• Beware of the breaking surf in at the harbor mouth on the West jetty.
• Do not go beyond Mile buoy, Wharf mark or Black’s mark. 
• Do not sail when there are white caps on the ocean (Wind conditions of +12 knots)
• Sail inside of the wharf area to be safe.
• Avoid kelp
• Use common sense.
• Have a lot of fun.



The Laser Program is a direct result of the Outreach Committee created by the Board in 2010.  There was a brainstorming session with many yacht club members to specifically address the lack of membership in the Corinthian age group (ages 21-35).  Rob Schuyler (Commodore, 2013) and Barry Whittall (Commodore, 2014) took up the challenge and the Corinthian membership group grew from 6 to 60+.  We quickly realized that our inventory of club offerings (products) were limited for the Corinthian age member. This led our Outreach Committee to the task of clearly identifying viable products to market with potential Corinthian club members. The first target group to be contacted was the Juniors whose membership had lapsed.  This identified group came back to the club with the creation of the Laser Program.  The Corinthian group engaged with regular members and quickly found rides on keelboats.  They also invited many of their friends to participate and the membership grew steadily in the next 6 years.

The Laser Program was created, implemented and supported by the Corinthian Program with financial support from the club’s budget until 2016. Evan Diola was instrumental in marketing and has contributed many hours to the Laser program since he rejoined the club in 2010.  

In April of 2016, the Board moved the supervision, budget, and management of the Laser Program to the Regatta/Boat Committee and the club continues to budget for the program.

The Laser Program foundation was based on the generosity of donations by our club membership.   Original donors of Lasers were Shep Kett, Richard Emigh, Susie Barber, Pat Diola, Mark & Holly Shipper, Skip Ely, and non-members, Richard Sturgeon and Barry White.   Original donors of Laser II’s were Carole & Mark Hamlin and Evan Diola. The program has 4 Lasers and 2 Laser II hulls as of May 1, 2016All titles and registrations are current and updated to list Santa Cruz Yacht Club as soul owner.